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Eco Friendly Tips for Actors | Sides and Auditions

Eco friendly tips for actors to save on paper when printing sides for auditions.

Audition, audition, audition — the lucky life of a working actor! I’ve been fortunate to land quite a few auditions over the past few months, even during the pandemic. A commercial here, a short film there, acting classes and scene work, and even a few feature film auditions.

It’s exciting! I love each step of the process, and I’m a true believer that when you can fall in love with the process of your art and craft, success will follow in the right time.

While the artist in me is thrilled with all of these auditions, the eco-conscious part of me was struggling a bit with printing out all of those sides for each audition and role.

If you’re out of the industry or newer to the business, sides are a select part of the script that is given to actors before auditioning. Or, it’s given to you by a teacher for practicing for a class. 

Each side, a new piece of ink and paper. Eek!

So, what’s a conscious creative to do? I reached out to my stellar group of fellow “Milkers” from my international Aussie-based acting group called StageMilk Acting on Facebook to hear some ideas on what they do for auditions and how to save on wasting paper:


“I record them into Voice Memos on my phone or take a screenshot. I know the latter doesn’t help the screen-reading issue- but both help for on the go and conservation. When I do print them out, I save them all in a binder for future use or to pass onto someone else looking for a piece to work on

“Also, even though iPad isn’t your desired method, it’s so easy to make notes right onto the sides via Books. I load screenplays I do coverage on & the ones I write and make notes right on that doc in the iPad.” — Shaun Rylee


“Paper mache. That is all” — Em Jevs


“Life is life! Do what you need, minimiZe when you can!” — David John Clark


“I’ve gone the iPad route using One Note and the Apple Pencil. I can mark up my sides and One Note syncs real time with my phone and laptop. So my script is with me wherever I go. I would now hate to go back to paper!” — Stephen Walker


“I print double sided, then shred the paper for compost or recycle. I’m the same – my process is definitely hard copy & a highlighter!” — Alicia Case


“I voice record on my phone like 10 times so when I’m in the car I can get a decent rehearsal.” — Jessica Britt


“I feel ya! I always save paper that has one clear side and use it as scrap paper or reprint other sides and scenes on the back of it. I read full scripts on my kindle. I also hate reading on the screen but don’t like printing. I think there’s this new technology out there that is a super paper like tablet but I’ll have to wait till it becomes way cheaper.” — Lin Yin

In the end, I agree with many of the suggestions my fellow Milkers shared. Do your best, save where you can, audio record and listen over and over, read from the screen, use and app, iPad or teleprompter notes, and reduce, reuse and recycle when possible.

If you’re intersted in finding out more about joining StageMilk Acting for membership, reach out in the contact to find out more information. I highly recommend working with this international group (many are based in the States to connect with as well), providing monthly themes, individual feedback, industry expert interviews and an entire library of courses, resources and education — they’re New York Accent class is one of my latest favorites I’m working on.

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