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Balance is everything. In yoga, in life, in diet, in work and play. The same goes for the pH levels in your body.

What is pH anyway, and why does it matter? PH simply is a measure of how acidic/basic water is. Back to chemistry days, or if you ever had a swimming pool before, you have to check the pH level to make sure it’s at the correct level for clarity, or chemically.

When we think of our drinking water, I honestly never used to consider what its pH level was years ago. Until I did some researching and starting finding out more about the benefits of drinking a properly balanced, or higher alkalinized water.

Feel more energized. Recover faster. Increase your overall health. Have better skin. Reduce your risk of disease.

Intrigued now too? Read on. These benefits, and more, got me interested too. Because who wants to be drinking crap all day long, once you know you can be drinking something better? And, yet, it can all cost just about the same.


Alkaline water is different from tap because it’s less acidic—it has a pH over seven, meaning that it has a lower concentration of hydrogen ions, Alkaline water can be consumed from many sources, including faucet attachments, bottled waters sold in most grocery stores, and additives that raise the pH.

One of the most convenient and cheapest ways to drink alkaline water is via a special filter, like the Dafi Alkaline Water filter. Cheaper, YES, and you’ll see how and why in the last paragraph of this post.

When it comes to finding the perfect balance in pH, right around a number 7.5 is balanced. Any below that is deemed acidic. Anything higher than, and you start to reap the benefits of alkaline water, as described in the next paragraph.


Now that we know what alkaline water is, why do we need it over any other water?

Benefits, baby.

One claim is that alkaline water is more hydrating than regular water, making it ideal for athletes to consume. Another study proved that drinking alkaline water can reduce the risk of fractures and osteoporosis. This is based on the idea that having elevated acid levels in the body can, over time, weaken bones by drawing calcium out from within them. So can eating the wrong foods, FYI, which are more acidic in your body (yes, even, milk!).

Additional benefits include, assisting in lower acid reflux, similar to the effect of taking an antacid (pill-free approach), can help you to loose extra fat (and drinking more water, in general, helps to cleanse the body), reduce aging, and increase antioxidant levels. Assumingely, alkaline water has the ability to reduce harmful radicals in the body by oxidizing (taking electrons) the blood and reducing the affects of radicals that can cause numerous diseases, creating dis(ease), within the body.

Simply put, I see it like a mini poem:

“An unbalanced body is a dis(ease) within the body.

A balanced body is a body at EASE.”

Shakespeare? Nope. Live Free Warrior.


Ha! Here’s we get to have some fun with numbers. Do you like math? Well, like it or not, you more than likely appreciate saving money.

Breaking it down, here’s why it’s cheaper than many other options out there to purchase an alkaline filter for drinking more.

Here are some researched facts:

• A Dafi Alkaline cartridge comes in a 3-pack of filters for $45 US. That’s $15 each, and lasts around 1-month giving it full use (I drink from this thing every single day).

• For experimentation sake, say there are 30 days in a month, and have 8 glasses of water (at least) a day. That’s 240 glasses of water a month we are consuming on average.

  • Alkaline Bottled water typically has 16 oz. in each container, or two servings. Averaging anywhere from $2-$4 each, we’ll go with $3 for each bottled alkaline water.


Now for the fun part! The cost analysis breakdown:

• Based on the above facts, the cost of drinking alkaline water using the Dafi Alkaline cartridge is an easy $15 a month.

  • Drinking 240 servings of a water a month equals out to be 120 bottles of alkaline water. Multiply that by $3 each bottle, and you’re spending upwards (or more) of $360 a month on bottled alkaline water.

$360 – $15 = $345 SAVINGS!

BONUS: You’re saving our environment by not tossing out all of those plastic bottles. Healthy water or not, the environment still pays the toll when you consume more plastic waste.

DOUBLE BONUS: The Dafi cartridges are fully recyclable, so there’s no waste or bi-product from its use. #hellyeah


This one’s a no-brainer for me: alkaline water cartridges, all the way!

Any time I can improve my health and reduce waste, I’m in. I’ve honestly been using the Dafi Alkaline filters for the past four months now, and the water tastes clean and pure. I don’t use tap water in my home, due to its hard flavor and potential additives that I know are no bueno for my body, bones, and skin.

Live Free, chemical free, and super hydrated, for increased health and flexibility!

I’m curious to hear from you: what kind of water do you drink? Give me the why’s, and if you’re not using a filter, what other method of clean water are you utilizing?

*All the products shown and mentioned above can be found here on the Dafi USA website. Pumps are available in both electric and manual pieces.

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