DENVER, COLORADO | What's In My Wellness Travel Bag - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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DENVER, COLORADO | What’s In My Wellness Travel Bag

As a proud ambassador of adidas, all opinions and suggestions are of my own opinion, authority and selection.

“Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while climbing it.” — Andy Rooney

Touchdown, Denver! Flying from Miami to Colorado in the heart of winter for a fitness video and photo shoot with my new friends and Denver-based production team Kaddie. That means, we need to bundle up! Maimi might not be there warmest this time of year but it is well above 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Photo credit kaddie

Their client is a Chilean-founded fitness equipment brand that we were prepping for a full day of sweat on set. For this location and purpose of a shoot, I’m pack a long my most comfortable (and stylish) fitness gear. Here’s a peak inside my wellness travel carry-on bag:


I scrolled, I saw, and knew it was love at first sight — the adidas by Stella McCartney Full-Zip Crop Hoodie was calling my name, with function, style and (I’m easy…) it has a hoodie! Even though it has a crop, it kept me warm with a fleece interior and heavy-duty fabric.

Not only was I wearing this hoodie running errands around downtown Denver, it became my business meeting casual attire and on-set prop for the photoshoot that I was flying out there for. Check-mate! Only wish it came in more than one color to purchase both…


One of the reasons I’m such a fan of yoga is you can do it pretty much from wherever with very little to nothing. I did pack along a travel yoga mat from Manduka Yoga that is designed to fold and fit into any carry-on or backpack. 

If you’re seeking yoga or fitness videos that you can do with little to no equipment, head over to my YouTube channel (LiveFreeTV) with 200+ options to select from.


Before your say, “Gross!” hang with me — in my experience, mushroom powder in my coffee has more of an earthy, chocolatey taste to it. So, yum! Plus, the “Lion’s Mane and Chaga keeps the caffeine under control to support clean, focused energy” (Four Sigmatic).

I honestly don’t trust the majority of in-room coffees, and prefer to bring my own that I can mix in with a cup of hot water (safe). Same goes for on the planes.

My go-to favorite? Four Sigmatic’s instant mushroom Coffee With Lion’s Main. Made from organic Arabica coffee beans for medium roast, pure flavor and lion’s main and chaga mushroom to help naturally balance out the highs and crashes that come with traditional caffeine.


Whenever and wherever I can avoid checking bags with air travel, I’m down. Not only does it save time before and after your flight, it also minimizes the weighted impact on environmental waste.

The adidas Creator Duffel is a perfect size to store my clothing and 3-day getaway gear, and doubles to bring wardrobe to set for the day of the shoot. Super durable fabric as well, with a pop of yellow color on the interior, making it easier to see inside your bag when finding your gear in a pinch (yes, color-contrast matters!).


Even if it was a cooler climate, this WAS a fitness photo and video shoot. That means: sweat, and we needed to look “cool” on camera all the while.

I’ve honestly struggled finding natural deodorants in the past. They either didn’t work, smelled like a florist’s shop, or left white streaks down the sides of my shirts, which is all a no-go for the fitness model world.

Crystal (sold at CVS, Sprouts and on Amazon) sent me a set to try out from their high-performance magnesium enriched line to try and test out, and I have to say I was impressed by its functionality and light scent that didn’t overpower and didn’t leave any streaks on even my black fitness clothes.


Something one may not think of when it comes to styling a fitness shoot, but you need to ensure the colors you’re choosing contrast and don’t clash with the product you’re selling. The line of fitness weights we were shooting were black with pops of bright green. Knowing this, I had to style accordingly with non-black attire, long pants in length and form-fitting to show off the movement of the body.

adidas Karlie Klosse Primeblue high-waist long tights in Tech Indigo give a pop to any black product, are body-hugging and high-rise for form and fit, and (the best part!) are part of their Primeblue line made from moisture-absorbing fabric is made with Parley Ocean Plastic, reducing the ocean plastic waste.


I’m a storyteller and content creator, and doing auditions on the fly (see the video below): I need my tech gear! To be able to charge four of my devices at once, safely, is a blessing. I’m a huge fan of my freedy four-port charger that I scoured from Amazon about a year back prior to a long haul trip to Singapore and Indonesia. Now, this little tech gem comes on all my out-of-home adventures.


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate whenever traveling. Especially when flying, and when heading to a dry city like Denver. This 600ml Steel Metal Bottle from adidas is durable and holds quite a bit of hydro for after TSA check-in and on-board through the flight. Truth, one of the simplest things you can do for your immune system is drinking enough water!



It’s Denver. It’s winter. Enough said. Bring your layers. I packed mine in carry-on easily accessible for the moment that I landed at night (I had a 9pm flight out of Miami, so even with the time change, I landed in Denver close to midnight) to bundle up. Plus, how cute is this Autumn Ballie beanie (Bostonian roots appropriate) or Y-3 Classic Style?


Run-inspired by weight for every day, I’ve been wearing the Swift Run X Sneakers around Miami- and Denver-downtown. They’re comfortable for the plane, and have an ideal arch support for working out. A bonus that the grey and white colors match perfectly with almost any outfit I wore on set that day for the production shoot.

A major success in all areas of personal and business growth. Working with a professional production team to create compelling content, in high-quality gear, and staying healthy on the road made this adventure a huge success in the matter of a few short 3 days.

Now, back in Miami, the question is: where will this wellness-focused traveler head off to next?

Photo credit kaddie

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