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Complete Collagen Powder Guide & Recipes

This skin is the largest organ in the entire body even bigger than my big little heart. And, there’s a reason that collagen aids and keeping your skin elastic, healthy and, yes, youthful and glowing.


There are four main natural ingredients in the collagen powder from Au Natural Skinfood. There’s a lot of collagen powders out there on the market. But, the reason that I love using this one from Au Natural, the main base of this collagen comes from type-1 marine collagen. That’s different than a lot of the others out there that are sourced from particular farm animals that include piggies and cows and stuff that I don’t like to even think about using to consume into my body. There’s a lot of hormones and bacteria that can be involved and we want to keep our bodies as clean as possible.

So, the main ingredient, type-1 marine collagen. The others include a little dose of, my favorite manuka honey, which has all incredible healing benefits. It also has loads of vitamin C in there which is perfect for our immune systems at all times and touch with Grapeseed extract.


Think of collagen like the glue that keeps the body together. Collagen makes up 75 to 80% of the protein in our skin. So it’s the main main ingredient in your skin. Collagen is a protein that forms connective tissue in the body. So, the healthier the skin is, the stronger and smoother it is too.

Collagen can also prevent against wrinkles. It can also pump up the skin keep it nice and smooth, adding a level of moisture as well to the skin that again, increases how plump it looks and youthful. In addition to skincare, it can also help with bone and joint health. So, as we age, it is incredible for the body!


Au Natural Skinfood collagen powder has a little bit of sweetness to it; but, overall, I don’t taste it too much in the recipes I use it in. Which, is perfect for mixing and blending easily into my daily routines.

For three simple beverage recipe ideas that you can create in your home, watch the full video linked below. 

Some additional uses for collagen powder: you can use it in pancakes, oatmeal, sprinkle it in a smoothie, put it in a salad dressing…there’s so many different creative recipes that you can make with collagen powder!

Because it has a light flavor to it, you can really mix and add it into a lot of different things without compromising the taste of your original dish, only enhancing it.

I hope this was helpful and useful I’d love to know have you use collagen powder, if you’ve ever tried it before, and if you found this inspiring in any way. At the least, now you have some new fresh recipes to try!

In this video, I’m using Au Natural Skinfood products, and will link to their site here for you to check out on your own.

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Check out my full review on Au Natural Skinfood here in a previous post.

Au Natural Skinfood:

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