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Ready to BE THE LEAD in Your Life Story?

Let’s CREATE it!

Optimize Your Life With One-On-One Coaching

You Are The Creator — the writer, producer, director and actor of your own story. Be the LEAD, the HERO and Create Consciously. 


This is verbatim what my laptop screensaver says. This is my own personal reminder to myself that I hold the pen, keyboard and script for the life that I want to create and producer.


Guess what? You have the power too. Together, we can identify your specific targets that will lead to your goals and execute to produce in a timely manner the results you’re seeking. I can guarantee with collective effort and proper execution that will happen.


How can I guarantee it? Because I’ve lived it out time and time again in my life and have seen how the tools, exercises and mindset strategies can work collectively to get me to be the HERO in my own life story and screenplay that I’ve created today.

One-on-One Sessions (Monthly Package)

BE THE LEAD Life Coaching

  • 4 50-min one-on-one sessions per month
  • Email and text support between sessions
  • Weekly personalized goal setting and vision planning
  • Handouts and outlines to structure your days and goals for top achievement
  • Prioritizing mental health, fitness and overall well-being for absolute no excuses results
  • Tools and strategies for when things don’t go our way to maximize resilience, pivot and then thrive
  • Accountability to reach your “mini victories” so you cannot fail
  • Ideal for building confidence, self esteem, self awareness, changing habits, and getting UNSTUCK in an area in your life
One-on-One Sessions (Monthly Package)

On-Camera Coaching

  • 4 50-min one-on-one sessions per month
  • Email and text support between sessions
  • Develop clarity in audience and delivery
  • Memorization and speaking tips
  • Wardrobe, styling and lighting development
  • Handouts + Outlines to structure your presentations and videos
  • Pre- and Post-Production On-Camera Strategies for Driven Results
  • Ideal for content creators, video hosts, speakers, business leaders, virtual presenters and CEOs looking to improve their on-camera confidence and efficiency.
Events + Workshops

Guest Speaking

  • BE THE LEAD In Your Life Story
  • Resilience In Business & In Life
  • How To Thrive VS Survive
  • Humanizing Cancer Care
  • Unstoppable Confidence On-Camera & In Life
  • Mental Health Awareness (substance abuse & eating disorders)
  • Living Cancer Free (mind & body)
  • Ideal for corporations, conferences, summits and engagements, agencies, small business teams, high school teams, healthcare communities, and entrepreneur groups of 6+ or more people. 

Empowering YOU with the Big C: CHOICE, to live wellthy, never settle, and live free!

There are plenty of coaches out there, so if my direct style and driven approach isn’t a match for you, I get it and no hard feelings. What I can tell you is this: I’ve been there, stuck, and have dug myself out time and time again. together we’ll work to find an approachable and effective way to get you there too in a place of freedom by being honest, accountable, communicative and supportive.


Without going into the full story here, you can read about my warrior history on the about page on this site and in details in my book “Living Cancer Free” — yes, humans can be cancers too. I work with a small, select number of humans to put the best effort forward to help you without being overextended, focusing on quality over quantity and the caliber value I can provide you.

My goal isn’t to work with you for a lifetime, but for a short period of time that we can build a strong foundation for you to fly free on your own accord in life. I’m not here to take your money.  I’m here to help you actualize the confidence and power in life to live free, using the warrior tools and resources that have helped me in the past get unstuck and to now live and travel WELL, as life was created to be! My “pay it forward” in life, because I’d feel selfish to not share the knowledge or lessons I’ve been handed through personal experience.



Wellth Training

Community + Courses

A Community To Create A Wellthy Life with on-going eCourses and Community Events


Living Cancer Free

Redefining what is a Cancer and Shifting The Big “C” to be the Power Of CHOICE


Never Settle

Conversations And Tools To Level Up Your Entrepreneurial Life