Chef Blaire Flory on Sustainable Cooking and Skincare - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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Chef Blaire Flory on Sustainable Cooking and Skincare

New interview series! I’ve partnered with Au Natural Skinfood to bring you this series of interviews with empowering partners focused on sustainability and leaving the world better in their respective fields.

This interview with “Professional Dinner Party Thrower” Blaire Flory shares her idea of sustainability in the kitchen, her journey to falling in love with food, and her joy that she shares working in the homes and locations with private clients to share her love and talent with food.

Whether you’re looking for cooking ideas, inspired to be more sustainable, want to learn more about eco-friendly natural skincare, or just be inspired by a female entrepreneur dominating in her passion — this episode will help.

You’ll learn:

  • 0:51 — How Blaire’s adventures to France, and later South Carolina, led her to her passion to cook.
  • 2:12 — Why Blaire doesn’t consider herself a “chef.”
  • 2:54 — How she implements sustainability in the kitchen of her private clients.
  • 5:24 — Her ideal skincare (and why she’s a fan of Au Natural Skinfood too).
  • 5:43 — Blaire’s definition of success.

Connect with Blaire


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