Celebrating 15 Years Cancer Free - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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Celebrating 15 Years Cancer Free

15 Years CANCER FREE—today!

Today, I wake up with gratitude. Not just because I’m free from a disease that could have taken my life, but because I was given this life in the first place. I was given this life, not to be perfect, not to be free from suffering, not to live comfortably and unscathed…I was given this life to:

• fall, many times, and learn the lessons that are behind them.
• discover, that health, happiness, great people, passion and caring about what you do each and every day matters more than the money you will make
• be myself, because that’s the best gift to this world ALL of us can do, and can offer
share, because we are all alike more than we care to admit
• connect, for we, as a world, our energies intertwined, and even here, on this network of the internet, share the same common ground and space as a species to support and rise together.

Cancer goes beyond a physical disease. Cancer seeps into each and every one of our lives in some form or fashion, giving us false hopes of happiness, disconnect from our minds and bodies, keep us comforted in what we know, rather than reach for something greater we yearn for on the inside. Cancer is a dis-ease…and the lack of ease and strain we place on our bodies (whether we’re aware of them or no), is where the disconnect can begin…or end.

WE have the power to CHOOSE each decision we make, each action we take, and our purpose on this planet. We are meant to go above and beyond than to just get a paycheck, pay bills and live for 2 out of 7 days a week. We are meant to figure out what makes us tick, what drives our passions, and become self aware of our actions that impact ourselves and those around us. We have the power to choose any life we desire. But, that desire starts from within.

Today is a day I’m celebrating, not just being free from cancer, but as a reminder of the importance and necessity to LIVE this life in its fullest to the capacity I know my potential has set for me. Never settle. Rise above standard. Elevate greatness. LIVE FREE.

Thank you for being a part of this journey, and LIVE FREE REVOLUTIONARY movement!

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