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Living Cancer Free Book Cover

With permission to publish,
Foreword by the late Holly Butcher.

Everyone loves the story of a survivor but the road to becoming one requires the curiosity, strength and courage of a warrior.


Living {Cancer} Free is an auto-biographical story by 15-year cancer survivor, Sara Quiriconi, Live Free Warrior. Citing her history and real-life “cancerous” struggles with anorexia, bulimia, alcohol addiction, lymphoma cancer, divorce, PTSD, unfulfilling jobs, and more, Sara features quotes from her own journals during her youth illustrating the rawness and honesty of her inner turmoils. This true story is not just for someone experiencing an actual diagnosis, but rather anyone seeking the light within their own darkness, or “cancers”.


Divided into the three sections, Part 1 describes Sara’s life BC, before cancer. Part 2 recaps her discovery of purpose, love and living free. Part 3 Workbook with exercises and tools to Living a “Cancer-Free” life, from the lessons and experiences shared in Part 1 and 2 of the novel.


This book will transform anyone who reads it, to live life to its fullest, like a warrior, and empowers readers to embrace the big C: CHOICE.

“If you have cancer: this book is for you.
If you have a friend going through cancer: this book is for you.
If you don’t have cancer, keep it that way: this book is for you.
If you feel stuck, in any area of your life, and looking for change: this book is for you.


“Get it? You don’t need to have cancer to read this book, or to gain positive, life-changing use out of it! How is that so? Even though I live a healthier lifestyle now, and living free of the various cancers that plagued my life (mentally, physically and emotionally), I wasn’t very healthy in my approach to food, my mindset or my lifestyle for a good chuck on my life from 14 years old on.


This book aims to illuminate, insight and inspire its readers to awaken to the life they can choose to live. Because “while we cannot always pick the hand of cards we’ve been dealt, we certainly can choose how we play them.”

— Living {Cancer} Free The Workbook Introduction, by Sara Quiriconi

*Book will be available in limited print copies and digital format.
Launch date is set for late September 2018, marking Sara’s 15-year anniversary officially Cancer Free.

Part 1

Before Cancer

“Cancer is anything that causes dis-ease, or un-ease, in our mind, body, and spiritual state.


It’s a bad relationship, an over stressing, under-rewarding job,…a false sense of control with food or addiction…and any falsified strung carrot placed in front of our eyes…”

Part 2

After Cancer

“What happened next will blow you away…


‘For the first time in a long time I actually felt my body. Not in the way that you pretend to give yourself a hug, or palpate your arm to feel the bones or pull at the fat, as I had in the past. This time I could actually feel my body awakening and coming alive.”

Part 3

The Workbook

“I’m not a doctor. I’m certainly not an oncologist. Nor am I a nutritionist, dietician, shaman, spiritual healer, or a guru…I’m a person, simply that.


“[In here] are exercises, nutritional tips, recipes, meditations, and physical activities that have helped me to get from Part 1 (B.C.) to Part 2D (A.D.), or right to this present day.”

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