Best Products and Tips to Reduce Eye Strain & Blue Light Fatigue - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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Best Products and Tips to Reduce Eye Strain & Blue Light Fatigue

Too much computer time these days. I don’t know about you warriors, but my eyes are taking a toll with all of these zoom calls, messages and emails. I’m constantly in front of my device says all of my device is and probably you are to your eyes might be starting to feel it and believe it or not, you can age your eyes in the skin around your eyes from too much blue light. So in this video and post, I’m sharing three different products and tips that I’ve been using to help with eye fatigue and blocking blue light.

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A vitamin supplement can help with your eyes and I just so happened to have launched a video on reducing eye strain taking the Twenty20 Eu Natural vitamins. In that video (linked below), I also share with you exercises to do with your eyes.

Twenty20 has an AREDS-2 formula that helps to reduce eye fatigue and also strengthen your overall eye health. In addition, it helps to combat all the blue light eye fatigue that I was just talking about for being in front of your devices.


We’ve got the supplements, and we’ve got the exercises covered. Now, what can you do on the devices?

Well, my friends over at EyeJust (not sponsored, I just like these products and sharing) created high-quality screen protectors that you can put on your actual device. The one noted in the video is for the iPad.

So, when I’m watching Netflix or Amazon, or Suits at night in my bed, I’m blocking the blue light that typically will keep me up longer. They make them for your iPad, they make them also for your cellular device, laptops, and they come in all different sizes.

In addition, EyeJust protectors also are antimicrobial, which is great especially in these times. There’s not going to be any bacteria that will grow on your devices from touching them with your fingers. My other favorite feature, it’s a screen protector for any tumbles, scratches, or other oops.


If you don’t want to have something on your screens, here’s another option. I just connected with this company, they’re based in Australia, but they ship worldwide called BluBlox. — not box, blox, because it blocks the blue light.

I personally have never worn glasses in my life — and, I want to keep it that way. Which is why when I reached out to them, I said “this is fantastic because for all those zoom calls I’m doing and all of my acting rehearsals and if I’m doing designing during the day!”

BluBlox has an AI technology on their site as well that you can test out and see what the frames will be like on you before buying. From my experience, it’s pretty accurate too.

If you are someone who has prescription lenses, you can also have a prescription added to these as well. They come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. I went with something very small. I have a tiny head, these are the Denver frames, shown in the photo. Quite stylish too!

*Use LIVEFREE15 to save 15% off your order.

There are three different options for blocking blue light to reduce eye fatigue, from being in front of our devices during these work at home times. If you’re a content creator, like me, or if you are a designer, even for acting these days, and all of my business transactions, we are in front of our devices non-stop.

Hope this was interesting and helpful. All of these products are linked throughout the post. Comment in: have you suffered from eye fatigue? Are you in front of your computer now more than ever, or any of these useful or helpful? I want to hear from you. 

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