BEST PRO TIPS for Planning & Filming Your Own Quality FITNESS YOGA VIDEOS
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BEST PRO TIPS for Planning & Filming Your Own Quality FITNESS YOGA VIDEOS

If you’re a fitness professional or a yoga instructor, here are my top seven pro tips to film online videos from home.

7 Pro Tips for Filming Your Own Fitness and Yoga Videos

If you’re a fitness professional or a yoga instructor and you’re looking to film some videos from home Well, I have got some tips for you in this upcoming video. As you know, I’ve got over 200 videos and fitness and yoga on this channel.

In this blog and video, I’m going to share with you the tips and tools that I’ve learned over the course of five years for filming at home for fitness and yoga.

This is for planning your videos, and I promise you when you plan better the actual implementation is a lot more successful, you’ll:

  • have better videos
  • it’ll come across with more professionalism
  • you’ll get more views and you connect with your students better as well.


Here are my top 7 pro tips to plan for filming online fitness videos at home.


Plan your sequence in advance. Filming your fitness videos is a bit different than a class room, you’re going want to plan ahead what your theme is. Then you have that ready to go and you say in the beginning of your video. Further, you’re also going to want to know a little bit of the sequencing even if you don’t memorize it — that’s okay! Have an idea of what you’re structuring and where to go within the set that you’re doing so you don’t just throw it all together and it comes across as disorganized.


If you can, try and get some natural lighting. If possible, you’re opening up your windows, your shades and you’re getting the best natural light source possible without too many bright sun rays coming in and some harsh shadows.

Something to note if you’re filming in the afternoon, the lighting is going to change. Same goes for early mornings, you’re going to want to pick a time that the lighting doesn’t change too much. Or give yourself a dark room and then use lighting as well. I use a couple of softboxes.

Sometimes I use an overhead mounted light on top of the camera. Check out the video below for a full list of all of my gear that might be of some help to you as well. The full blog with a list of the film gear can be read here as well.


You’re going to want to have a mic of some sort, because screaming across the room for your audio  is not going to work as a fitness instructor.

If somebody is watching your video, and if they can’t hear you, they’re not practicing with you. Hence, why you want to make sure that you have good audio. You’re going to see the video link above and here that will give you a better idea of the gear that I use. Masterclass on this exact topic coming soon!


Choose a time you can ensure will ideal for filming. I say this from experience, and because I live in an apartment space. I have a woman upstairs who has very heavy feet, we have trash that comes outside, there’s delivery trucks, they vacuum the hallways, and we need to make phone calls. That’s life in a city, an apartment, and in general.

You want to pick a time that has minimal external noises. There’s nothing worse if you’re in the middle of a savasana and you hear the “beep, beep, beep, beep beep” of a trash compactor, or any of the other noises I mentioned. Plan accordingly.


It might be okay for your personal practice to wear a teeny, tiny little shorts; but, that’s not going to look so great when you’re in a downward facing dog face in front of your camera and your students.

Remember, you’re on screen for your students. Choose your outfits wisely. Fitted long pants and a top that is fitted. Nothing’s spilling out, just be mindful. All is on show, all angles on the camera!


Your students don’t want to see all the junk that you have in the background when trying to clear their own minds. Take a little bit of time to clean up your space before filming.

True, it’s a little bit of an effort. However, I promise you having a cluttered space in the backgrounds also going to clutter the minds of your students that you’re trying to reach. So you want to keep it free, clean, clear and open.


Before you jump on camera, take a moment to prep yourself and your own mindset. You’re about to lead a class for your students, so you’re going to want to give yourself a little bit of space to to either work out, to ground, to meditate or to breathe…whatever it is that you need to center yourself before presenting that information to your students.


Remember to have fun! If you’re having fun, your students are going to have fun too — even if you’re leaving them there forever in a plank pose.

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