Au Natural Skinfood Review: Eco-Friendly Skincare That Heals And Helps The Planet - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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Au Natural Skinfood Review: Eco-Friendly Skincare That Heals And Helps The Planet

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in paid partnership with Aú Natural Skinfood. Photos provided by Sara Quiriconi, Live Free Warrior. Discount code below.

Natural. Sustainable. Eco. Cruelty free. Made from nature. No chemicals. Anti-aging. 

These buzz words are nothing new to the skincare market. So, what makes this “skinfood” standout and why am I hooked on this New Zealand company for my skincare routine now?

When Aú Natural Skinfood reached out to me for a sampling of their product, I was skeptical to change my skincare routine again to test out another brand to see what magic it could do. My skin is sensitive and has had its fair share of breakouts and issues with hormonal acne for years now, so changing what seems to be working for me isn’t an easy feat.

Warriors, was I glad I did. What opened my mind to check out this company featuring “Skinfood” to leave my other cleansers, toners and moisturizers behind? Five highlights:

  • sustainable (beautiful) packaging
  • natural ingredients only
  • made from honey (incredibly healing for my skin)
  • smells AH-mazing
  • monthly renewal you can pause or cancel whenever


Let’s dive into to these topics in more detail. Keep reading towards the end. Warriors get a code to try free samples and order your own customized skinfood bundle.


As you warriors know, my background is in graphic design and art director. Even though the saying goes you can’t judge a book by its cover — I do. Especially when it comes to companies I work with and brands I invest in. How the packaging, website, video quality and overall brand aesthetic is a direct reflection on the values and personality of the brand itself.

I was blown away by the gorgeous materials, eco-wrapping, 100% recyclable boxes and tins that were shipped to me from Aú Natural Skinfood. The colors, fonts, packaging layouts, and overall brand feel was soothing, clean, and embodied the word “eco” to me and my design eye.

In addition to being beautiful, all of the packaging used in Aú Natural is reusable. When you purchase the refills, you reuse the same containers (yes, this is clean and sanitary — read more here) to create a zero-waste footprint for your skincare. More on this later in the “Create Your Own Bundle” section at the end of this blog.


You’ve no doubt heard the term skincare used time and time again. So, what is skinfood? What makes this unique?

According to Aú Natural’s website, “Regular skincare companies work on improving the appearance of your skin by focusing on its topmost layer (epidermis). Au Natural instead improves the overall health of your skin by ‘feeding’ all the layers of the dermis with the best ingredients.”

Like the perfect recipe, the four Essentials Kit daily-use components of their product line (Remove Cleanser, Prepare Toner, AM Serum and PM Serum) work together to improve the overall health of your skin by eliminating bacteria on the skin’s surface while strengthening its natural barrier.

While most cleansers simply strip dirt and moisture from your skin, Aú Natural works to balance, strengthen and heal — sounds like the perfect workout too, doesn’t it? See the photo below for a full view of all that’s inside their 2-month supply Essentials Kit they sent me to test out. Yep, you get the beautiful tin and bag to reuse and utilize too!


Even though I’m 15 years free of cancer, there are still many of the late and long-term affects from treatment that I suffer from. One of which is a dysfunctional thyroid after chemotherapy and radiation. I’m not a fan of taking pills every day to help regulate my thyroid, so, instead, I focus on healing and controlling what I can naturally.

The downside of having a not-so-bueno thyroid is hormone regulation. Part of the reason I have break-outs — I believe — is due to and caused by hormonal imbalance. Maca powder helps work the inside of my body, yoga and exercise help to de-stress my mind, and honey (believe it or not) helps to control and heal my skin and hormonal acne.

This is why I was thrilled when I read about honey and bee venom (more on what that is later in the blog) is a main ingredient in Aú Natural Skinfood’s product line. Worry not, my eco-warriors: they work cruelty-free and ethically in their manufacturing.


Never heard of Bee Venom before? Me neither. Funny enough, it’s not as “dangerous” as it may sound.

Bee venom is used in their PM Night Cream, which actually smells INCREDIBLE (share more later on the delicious smells that almost make you want to lick your lips while applying). The Bee venom helps in restoring what my skin to what used to look like pre-Miami sun days, and all of those youthful skin benefits like tone, lift, plump, heal, brighten and remove redness (something I suffer from often, especially when traveling).

The Manuka Honey in Aú Natural Skinfood skincare is highly bio-active and has been certified with a 16+ Bio-Active Factor. This pretty much ensures the highest purity and quality for Manuka Honey, according to the Molan Gold Standard™. MGS “certifies that scientific standards have been met to ensure the highest quality is maintained in all aspects.”

You can read up more here on the process of how Aú Natural Skinfood ethically extracts the bee venom, using the safest methods possible, not harmful for the bees.


Something to note, and not take lightly:

Just like you read the ingredients labels of your food (I hope you are, warriors!), it’s just as important to read the labels of your skincare. There are so many chemicals often pumped in to our bottles without us even being aware of what they are. Skincare is like a foreign language for many of us — myself included — but that doesn’t mean we can turn a blind-eye and hope for the best.

While Aú Natural Skinfood has NO chemicals whatsoever in their products (read: Are Aú Natural Skinfood Products Natural?), it’s a good idea to browse this list of typically found chemicals in skincare and then check your labels at home to ensure you’re putting only clean and healthy products on the largest organ in your body, your skin.


Simpler than it may seem, it’s a four-step process using the following items that are a part of the starter kit:


It’s a four-ingredient daily use regime. Like any good exercise routine, consistency is key. So, for the best results, they recommend to use regularly, implementing the Remove Cleanser and Prepare Toner morning and evening before applying the serum.

Don’t be scared by the pricing, either. They offer bundled packages you can customized, which cut your costs up to 60%.


In one, creatively two, word(s):


Really, I absolutely love the fruity, sweet smell of all four of these products. My absolute favorite has to be the AM Serum, for whatever reason. Maybe it’s my love of fruits, but the clean feeling and fresh smell of the AM Serum that wakes me up in the morning after applying quickly becomes a ritual to start my day post-cleanse and shower.


Did you know, every year 400 billion plastic bottles are used once, and left in landfill to break down over 800 years? So much trash! And it’s all small pieces that add up to a really big problem for our planet.

All of the packaging in Aú Natural Skinfood is reusable, so you’re never throwing out containers and buying new ones. It takes 30 seconds to refill your dispenser, and the tube that the refill comes in can simply be tossed in your recycle bin to be recycled and reused again. They are fully plant-based and 100% recyclable.

This is really what won my heart on this company, being that they are the first of their kind doing all of the aforementioned in this blog to heal skin, and the environment. Read up more on Aú Natural’s environmental promise here on their site for more information.


Ready to try Aú Natural Skinfood?

Live Free Warrior readers gets an exclusive discount code, too! Use livefree to get 15% off the first bundle order to Aú Natural Skinfood (after the discovery sample kit). Check out the Au Natural Skinfood website here for details. For more inspiration and details, you can also follow them on Instagram here.

A cool update, formerly the subscription box — now conveniently a “bundle” package — is now customizable, so you can mix and match which products you use more of. This is the most affordable option that can save you up to 60% off retail price. And, just in case you don’t need a refill just yet, you can pause or cancel any time — no pressure, stress-free.


In short — YES! I’ve swapped out my skincare regime to be Aú Natural for the past three weeks and counting now. My skin has shown vast improvements on clarity, brightness, tone and with the few occasional break-outs (probably from lack of sleep and laziness to wash my face before working out).

Some new updates and products have just launched, including an eye serum and Anti-aging face oil that I am eager to try out this upcoming month. In addition, I’ll be adding the healing balm and Mineral Sunscreen Powder (shown above, and awesome for sunny days and travel) to my skincare mix in future reviews. New Zealand Kiwis, you have won this warrior over!

Warriors: still have questions regarding the skincare line? Comment in below and I’ll get back to you with an honest answer. While this is a partnered post, I do not make commission sales. I’m here to offer insight, honest opinions, and education from experience to help guide you. 

Live Free Warrior readers gets an exclusive discount code, too! Use LIVEFREE to get 15% off Aú Natural Skinfood your customizable order (not included in the sample kit) and use for your own free samples for a 14-day trial.

Eco cork background provided by 4spaces for Nisi B Home

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