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Meet the warrior (Informal Version)

My name is Sara! I’m a creative, curious kid at heart and a business-savvy sage in mind. I’m most content near the ocean and most inspired when I travel. My favorite movie theatre is on an airplane or a cozy screening room with tons of pillows. My ideal dinner out is a plant-based dish with a side of sparkling or in the premiere lounge access in any airport. My most comfortable place is storytelling in front of the camera through a lens onto your screen.

Sara Quiriconi is a New England born actress, host, voiceover artist, writer, producer and entrepreneur with a deep passion for storytelling. She’s had the opportunity to act in and co-produce a variety of films and series respectfully in Los Angeles, Miami and internationally.


Sara flourishes portraying characters who are confident, strong, beautiful and intelligent, with an inner conflict seeking personal empowerment. In addition to acting, she has experience in many creative abilities, including writing, directing, pre- and post-production, along with a calm, confident and professional demeanor. As a child, Sara was born with the soul of a storyteller and has now dedicated her life to be a conscious-driven artist as an adult.


In addition to acting, creative production and hosting, Sara is a 20-year cancer survivor, author of “Living Cancer Free,” a podcast hostspeaker, and wellness and travel entrepreneur. She is incredibly athletic, having taught yoga for nine years, and business-minded, working as an art director along her career path. Sara is a wellness travel expert, a mental health advocate and film and tourism leader, with long-term goals to win an Oscar in a Lead role, an Emmy as an Actor and Producer, and to host a successful international wellness travel show.

Meet the warrior (Professional Bio)

Founder and creator of Live Free Media, Never Settle Podcast, and author of Living {Cancer} Free, Sara Quiriconi is a 19-year cancer survivor who is living proof that you can move through anything. A warrior, healer, creator, and determined soul, Sara is an actress, entrepreneur, creative producer, model and travel and well-being opinion leader. Her mission is to inspire and empower curious minds to live well and to Live Free, through empowered choices and actions.


Graduating with honors and a BFA in Boston, Sara became immersed in the corporate world and succeeded in Art Direction and Graphic Design for the first eight years of her adult life. However, her immense passion to heal your self through fitness, healthy eating, and exploring the world led her to leave the corporate world in 2013 to commit to educating others on the benefits of well-being and traveling. She fell in love with yoga for its self-healing properties and has been practicing since 2008.


After years of struggling with Eating Disorders and alcohol addiction, Sara’s determined to share the message of Living Free. Through empowered choices and actions, to LIVE FREE is to never settle, and to embody a determined mindset, warrior spirit, and passionate heart raising you to become the highest level and most evolved (and ever-evolving) version of you. 

Formerly known as one of Miami’s top fitness professionals and sought after private instructor for celebrity personnel, Sara has shifted her focus from teaching these days to acting, writing, producing, and hosting, while incorporating her years of knowledge of mental health, human behavior, well-being and travel expertise infused throughout her creative works.


Sara holds a High Honors BFA Degree in Advertising and Design with over 8 years in the professional corporate marketing world, and now is a producer for edu-tainment content specializing in the wellness and travel sector. One of her greatest accomplishments is publishing “Living Cancer Free”, positively impacting the lives of those who read, and dreams to travel, speak and empower others to embody this message of healthier habits and inner warrior spirit. 


Sara’s Qualifications:

Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Communications & Journalism, Advertising + Graphic Design
(Magna Cum Laude)

Certified Yoga Instructor

Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition


A contributor for the health, fitness, travel & lifestyle platforms of:

World Bride Magazine 

Cancer Wellness Magazine

35Thousand — Travel Beautifully (2019-Present)

Vacayou Wellness Travel Magazine (2020)

Wander Wellness Travel Magazine (2019-Present)

FIBO Focus Podcast (2020)

Adidas (2019-Present)

Say Your Peace (Present)


MindBodyGreen (2013-19)

Manduka (2015-19)

YogaOutlet (2017-19)

FITT City (2018-19)

Healthy Truth Foods (2018-19)


And, a proud Partner, Advisor and/or Ambassador with:




UNREVEALED Art Basel Miami

Stage32 Filmmaking

StageMilk Acting


Club Quarters Hotels 

Park Terrace Hotel

Carillon Hotel Miami Beach

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living cancer free book
Never Settle Podcast

11 Random Facts About Live Free Warrior

  1. I learned to ski at 2 1/2 on a golf course.
  2. Had my first sip of coffee before I was 1-years old — thanks, Grandma.
  3. I always travel with my passport, even for domestic flights — you never know.
  4. My favorite series include: Succession, MadMen, SUITS, Queen’s Gambit and Euphoria.
  5. I am OBSESSED with the sweet apples of New England, the Papayas of Mexico and the Raspberries of Spain.
  6. I worked at a gym while in college to get a free membership (ended up being a great way to network).
  7. My dog’s name, Pepina, comes from the Spanish word for cucumber: Pepino.
  8. I sold bubble gum balls at my family’s ski shop as a kid for 25¢ and split the profits monthly with my Grandfather and brother — #bornentrepreneur
  9. I have two 200 Hr Yoga Certifications.
  10. Prefer to drive Manual over Automatic always, unless it’s an SUV.
  11. I’ve moved homes and apartments 18 times…where to next!?