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What is Living Free?

Living Free is a lifestyle based on personal choice and responsibility. Creating the healthiest, most authentic and empowering path as a warrior, to elevate and increase one’s personal sustainability and resilience, while doing so for the world we live and travel in.


Today, we’re more mobile and on the go than ever. On my channels, I focus on wellness travel, sharing healthy lifestyle tips and inspiration to motivate and incorporate into your busy lives at home and on the go.


What we can learn from traveling, being out of our comfort zones and immersed in varying cultures, can reveal our true selves and challenge us to grow in various ways. Before we can even think to make the world a better place, sustainably and collectively, we first need to value and take care of our own selves, and or personal sustainability!


For that reason, I’ve chosen to focus Living Free on personal development, being responsible for the choices you make in each and every decision, at home and when on the road, evolving to be our absolutely healthiest and best. Because wellness isn’t a single destination — it’s a lifelong journey of discovery!

About the Live Free Manifesto

The manifesto is the creation of many years of experience, failing, learning, growing, experimenting, and now, living. If you know me, you know that I love quote-full forms of inspiration. And, I thought, why not create my own set of inspiring words I choose to live out  that inspire me?

These words, these short quotes, or phrases, are a guide and set of tools for you to use, and share, for the moments in your life you need to:


  • say “f*k it!” and take that next leap
  • to keep pursuing an unknown path, or
  • to make a shift or change in your life that you may not feel 100% ready for


Guess what? You’ll never be “ready” but that’s why you have tools, a team, and a group of revolutionaries here to support you!

It’s a guide, it’s a revolutionary way of thinking, and it’s a lifestyle of passion and purpose. Ready to live it?

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"Wellness is a Journey, Not a Single Destination." – Live Free Warrior