9 SUPER SIMPLE TIPS TO USE LESS PLASTIC - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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In celebration of Earth Day this April, I’ve partnered with Dafi to share 9 Super Simple Tips to Use Less Plastic Every Day, featuring their line of water bottles, filters and air-tight containers.

Hey eco, travel and wellness warriors! I’m fresh back from Mexico City, and while I’ve adapted to call Mexico now a second country and third home for me, something I can’t get used to is all of the plastic they use there. We take a visit to the neighboring “vegetaleria” the little fruit and vegetable stand, every morning for fresh fruits and juices for breakfast. But, alas, the fruits are each put in at least four plastics bags and the fresh juice we get is in styrofoam. With a straw. Eek!

Grocery visits, the same thing, and of course, you need to buy bottled water, so there’s more plastic being added to the trash pile. This issue of over consumption and use (or abuse) of plastic is not limited to Mexico, mis gringos.

We do the SAME thing in the United States too!

How many bags do they give you at the grocery store for your food? And, the bottled water you buy in packs of 24? Or, your lunches or takeout order typically comes wrapped in…?


Here are some facts:

  • 1 million plastic bottles are bought worldwide PER MINUTE
  • Each year, an estimated 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags  are consumed worldwide (that comes out to over one million per minute)
  • On average, we only recycle one plastic bag in every 200 we use
  • Plastic takes over 600 years to bio-degrade


Now I’m not sure about you, but 600 years is far longer than my lifetime. At this pace, and rate, future generations will be swimming in plastic and garbage instead of enjoying the beaches and oceans we are privileged to have today.

Dafi is a worldwide known brand of products such as water pitchers, filtering cartridges, sport filtering bottles and vacuum containers. They’ve have been on the market for over 30 years and offer a variety of options of water pitchers and filtered water bottles. Dafi hopes to increase awareness of plastic waste and decrease amount of water bottles thrown away in order to preserve and save the environment for future generations, so insert LIVE FREE WARRIOR!

Here’s what we can do. I’ve partnered with Dafi to share 9 Super Simple Tips to Use Less Plastic Every Day, featuring their line of water bottles, filters and air-tight containers.

TIP 1: Carry a Reusable Water Bottle

Today, in the US you can buy a 24-pack of bottled water for less than $4. Bottled water has become so cheap that we start to forget what happens the after effects that that waste can have on our eco-system. 9 out of 10 are thrown away and never used again, but using a reusable Water Bottle with an internal filter can be a great solution to cut back. Plus, it’s cheaper in the long-run!

TIP 2: Pack your own lunch instead of ordering take-out

Most of the take-out you order for any meal typically comes wrapped in paper (better, but not great), plastic or worse, styrofoam (which never bio-degrades). Instead, pack your meal ahead with a little bit of planning, storing it in an air-tight container to take with you. Not only will you be saving money, most likely eating healthier, but you’ll cut back on an incredible amount of waste in the process.

Remember too, any time food is transported, it’s more than likely wrapped in more plastic or waste just to get there. So, there’s actually a lot more “behind the scenes” plastic waste going on than meets the eye.

TIP 3: Say NO to Plastic Wrap

Use reusable and sealable containers to prevent spills or spoilage without having to wrap your food in single-use plastic wrap. As if this stuff wasn’t a pain in the butt enough to use once (ever get it stuck on your nails? Call for help!), there’s no way you can use it more than once. Worse than a bottle, in my opinion!

TIP 4: Ditch the Straws

Bad for wrinkles, your skin, and for the environment. One of the worst offenders for beaches and oceans, so opt for a widemouth jar or cup to drink out of instead, or choose a reusable or glass straw if the occasion requires one to be dainty and/or proper.

TIP 5: Use a Filter at Home instead of Bottled Water

This one dove-tails off of the first suggestion to cut back on bottled water. The first thing I do in the morning is pour, and drink, two cups of filtered water to rehydrate my body and kick-start my energy for the day.

The trickiest time for me to abide to this tip is when I’m traveling. In that case, I always bring the Dafi Filtered Water Bottle with me, so that I have fresh water with me no matter when I need to fly.

TIP 6: Bring Reusable Bottles and Containers When Traveling

Really. I do this every trip and travel. Makes it’s super easy to bring pre-cut fruits past TSA, and incredibly convenient for packing food for the road when we’re on media tours and on-site shootings. Plus, you’ll save a ton of money in the airports not having to buy bottled water every time you pass TSA: you just need to fill up your Dafi water bottle, and get ready to fly! 

TIP 7: Shop in Bulk

Smaller portions creates more packaging. Typically, that packaging is plastic because it keeps air and bugs out, and keeps the food fresher longer. Instead, buy in larger quantities, store in an air-tight container and portion out sizes as you go.

TIP 8: Avoid Buying Frozen Foods

Typically frozen foods are wrapped in plastic, and far less fresher than regularly refrigerated and shelved produce. TIP: To keep your produce lasting longer, be sure to store it in a Dafi air-tight container to last longer and reduce food waste as well.

TIP 9: Give up Gum

Ah! This one was the hardest for me! As a gum chewer for YEARS it’s been super difficult to give it up and go the way of the mint. But when I read that most gums (including the one I was chewing) was actually made from plastic, I said “no bueno!” and put my health before my habit.

Looking to switch away from gum too? I noticed there were three reasons why I typically chewed gum, and anti-dotes to break the habit with something as simple as water:

  1. to remove food from teeth (instead, swish water)
  2. fretted breath (drink water instead)
  3. to stave off food cravings (try water, sometimes we confuse hunger for thirst)


*All the products shown and mentioned above can be found here on the Dafi USA website. Pumps are available in both electric and manual pieces.

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