9 Healthy Lifestyle Habits This Wellness & Travel Expert Swears By Anywhere - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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9 Healthy Lifestyle Habits This Wellness & Travel Expert Swears By Anywhere

Creating a #lifestylenotadiet Anywhere in the World With These Lifestyle Habits

Diet and Weight Loss are three words I really am not a fan of.Β Rather, I’m a believer of creating a lifestyle that you can attain, sustain, and maintain for the long haul.

While the video goes into greater depth of the lifestyle tips I’m sharing, he’s a quick and dirty overview of the Healthy and Fit lifestyle that I choose, each and every day:


  1. Eliminate Soda
  2. Eat Filling Foods, especially those packed with water and fiber, adding in more quality foods
  3. Drink Coffee Black, if you drink coffee at all
  4. Remove Processed Foods, and do 80% of your shopping in the perimeters of the store
  5. Limit, or eliminate, dairy and meat (this one’s a personal choice, experiment and see if this works for you or no)
  6. Make time to move DAILY (yoga, walking, fitness class, or a run outside count)
  7. Get Quality Sleep, and you’re less prone to overeat to make up for the lack of energy you have
  8. Learn to cook for yourself! It’s a form of self care and nourishment


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I want to hear from you, warriors! Which one of these tips resonates for you, or is the most helpful? What’s a health tip you swear by? As always, I look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback.Β 

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