7 Easy Tips to Hit RESET and RESTART a Bad Day - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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7 Easy Tips to Hit RESET and RESTART a Bad Day

For those days that you just need a restart, right, hit the belly button. Here are tips and ideas to give your day the restart it needs to be productive, contributing and happier than you started out.

Missed your flight?
Got stuck in traffic?
Accidentally sent you boss a private email?
Garbage truck wake you up at 2:17am?
Spilled coffee on your dress shirt?

Any, or all, of the above doesn’t have to completely ruin your day. With a little mindset shift, you can restart your day with one of the easy to implement strategies that I’ve tried and tested to be true.

I woke up the other morning in a really pissy mood. I’m human too! I have my days. But, what I also have are tools. And that’s what I share with you here, tools that I’ve tried trust tested, right, and they work. So here are seven tips to restart start your day. I’m going to have that you’re feeling you can always begin in another point in time, any moment.


Move your body, get up, run, walk, yoga, jump, put on some music, dance, anything you can do to get that energy moving within your body, right? So if you’re cranky, move that motion and negative emotion up on out!


Breathe in and out. Notice if you’re holding your breath, we do that more often than we think. So if you’re feeling really stressed, tight, tired, angry, built up, when you’re inhaling, hold your breath at the top and you’re going to feel all that anger intention. And then in your exhale, let it go. You’re going to repeat that as many times as you need. And it’s okay to do it. 10 and then come back to it and do it again.


Now, sweet is going to be very different for you than it is for me. I love fruit. I know I love the sweetness of fruit and especially when I’m feeling a little uptight, I want something that’s juicy or crunchy.

Melon is a great hydrating fruit and food that I love to eat and deliciously sweet. Maybe you like bananas! Here’s a tip: the more spots on a banana, the sweeter they are.

If you want some minutes crunchy, instead of reaching for like a pretzel or something, go for an apple. They have that crunch, and bite, and a bit tart. At the same time it has the sweetness of the apple juice.

You can, of course, chocolate if you love it. Have a square of chocolate or something that’s going to satisfy that when you eat something sweet. It also gives your body it affects your hormones and it affects your overall emotion and vibe.


Remember what we give comes back to us typically ten-fold. Give to receive more. Send a message to someone you love: “Hey! Just thinking of you” or “Sending a note just to say ‘Have a great day!'”

Maybe you were not so nice to somebody that morning. It will feel good just to get that off your chest and give an apology. Or just tell them “I love you. Thank you for accepting me for who I am. flaws and all.”

We’re all human, we’re all going to have our days. Every dog has their day, and every down dog has their day.


life can get very serious and we start to think of all the things that are wrong or we need to fix. Maybe that’s part of the stress that we’re feeling as well that we need this restart in the first place! Well, stop it there and plan something fun!

Fun doesn’t have to be going to the amusement park. Think simplicity. It can be something so simple as go to a coffee shop and have a coffee. Schedule in 20 minutes to read. Watch one of your favorite reruns on Netflix. Book a yoga class. Go get a pedicure — that’s what I’m doing later today for me!

Just give yourself a little bit of time that you can do something for you.


Take your shoes off and go walk in your own backyard. If you have access to an ocean, go play in it, or walk the sands. The ocean water is so healing for you, especially the salty ocean water. That air can just pull all those negative ions out of you.

Getting yourself in nature, plant something water your plants in your house. Or, just open up and get outside and fresh air get out of the boxes that we are putting ourselves in. We go from homes or apartments to offices, box shops and cars.

Break the box, get out and feel what nature has to offer and ground us for connection.


Smile, or watch something that you know is going to make you laugh. I have certain videos that are stored on my phone that I know when I need those moments to just laugh. I can reference back to those. You can bookmark videos and clips, create and album on your phone, pin them to your pinterest board, or save in your instagram bookmarks or stored favorites and playlists on facebook.

Collect sources of funny moments, movies or shows that you like to watch. When you need those moments, just look at them laugh, smile, and it brings you back to notion that life isn’t that serious after all and everything in this moment will pass.

These are ways that I hope or help for you to restart your day. Maybe you need one of them. Maybe you need four of them. Maybe you need all of them three times in a day. But, never give up. You can restart your day at any moment you need to.

Simple as that.

Want to see more lifestyle and mindset tools like this? Comment in below and let me know what topic or question you want to see featured. 

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