6 Must Pack Items for your Next Yoga Beach Adventure - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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6 Must Pack Items for your Next Yoga Beach Adventure

Yoga and the beach go hand in hand for a blissful experience. I’ve been fortunate to visit many stunning locations that I can practice yoga virtually anywhere using the sea as my soundtrack and the ocean’s breeze to match my Ujjayi.

But, there’s nothing worse than getting to your sandy destination and then realizing you forgot some key essentials to make your experience complete.

Before heading out on your next yoga and beach adventure, here are my 6 Must Pack Items for your next yoga beach adventure:

1. Scarf

A scarf? You may scoff. Yep, this one’s a special one, that is actually a Turkish Towel. It can blanket you up cozy on a chilly flight, wrap around your neck in transit protecting you from the sun, unravels to lay on the sands to double as a beach blanket, and adds a sweet pop of color to your wardrobe. Towel by SandCloud, click here for 25% off.


2. Passport and Cash

This may sound basic, but YES! It’s the most important one to put on your checklist, assuming you’re flying internationally. I keep all of my travel docs combined in a travel wallet for organized storage, making sure to have a bit of local currency on hand (not all cabs, markets, or ticket fairs accept credit cards or US currency).


3. Bathing suits (that double as yoga or resort wear)

Saving space here, bringing bathing suits that you can use for both a yoga practice or a top to wear around the resort or town. Not always an option, but it’s nice to pack a little lighter when you can spare some room. And, bring at least 2 bathing suits to have on hand, leaving one time to dry on the every other day (nothing worse than putting on a wet bathing suit to wear—ick!).


4. Travel Yoga Mat

This one’s a staple for me. I always bring my Manduka eko lite 3mm with me wherever I go. It’s lightweight, folds easily in to my carry-on luggage, and is grippy and durable just light a full-weight Manduka mat. Looking to buy? Click here and save on any Manduka product.


5. Comfy shorts

Who wears short shorts? Ok, me! Haha, but these are one of my comfiest pairs of shorts I’ve owned since college. Bringing something that I can wear to the beach, walking around town, with flip flops and with sneakers is a versatile wardrobe piece I always want to have on hand.


6. Natural Sunscreen

Protection goes two ways—one, for your skin, two, for our environment! Many of the sunscreens out there have horrible by-products that can destroy our eco-system. Natural sunscreen, such as RAW Elements, is a natural alternative to chemical sunscreens that will still keep you well protected from harmful rays (and it smells delicious too!).


These are my must-haves. What did I miss? Anything you are sure to always pack for your own adventures? Please share!

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