5 TIPS THAT HELPED ME GET MY PRE 2020 BODY BACK - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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Personal empowerment, let’s focus on what we can do and what we can control which comes down to immune health. Sharing with you some of the things I’ve been doing to keep my immune system high. But, also to get back my pre-COVID pre toxic relationship post divorce body, I want my body to feel good at the end of the day.

I want my body to feel good at the end of the day, and it’s when I’m not bloated when I feel strong inside and out, and then I feel at my optimal energy level. There are some of the things that I’ve been doing to help boost my immune system. These are all long-term options that I’m choosing to do that maybe you want to give a try as well. Especially if you feel a little stagnant about where you are in your health.


I moved out of the north first but I started doing cold showers. Yes, they wake you up, I ran from the cold but here I am back in warm weather and I’m taking cold showers. You can say cold showers shocks your immune system, it kind of kick you into high gear and it helps to boost your immunity. It also helps to de-bloat and it can help the cellulite. I make sure I don’t think about it for too long and I get the whole front of my neck, especially my thyroid here in the shower. ¬†Opposite to what you may think that you can catch a chill from, it helps to stimulate health in your cells.


The second tip, I usually have my warm water with lemon but I’ve been adding cayenne pepper to it. Warm water like usual and add some lemon and then just sprinkle a little bit of cayenne pepper on top of it, shake it up so it doesn’t all sit there at the top, that would wake you up. And I have two of those in the morning. And sometimes I’ll have it throughout the day as well but it helps to boost your immunity and can help with if you have any, like nastiness in your throat that I find that is very useful.


You are what you eat. And if you’re eating quality foods that will help boost your immune system that is only going to reinforce the strength of your immunity. Some of my favorite foods for boosting immune systems, are a lot of oranges, more sweet potatoes, Butternut Squash, cantaloupes, and oranges. Bee Pollen is one of them. Those are like little nuggets of immune health and boosting properties of beet powder that helps to clean out the blood system. So I’ve been boosting up those kinds of foods in my lifestyle.


Intermittent fasting allows your body a break from having to process that food. it’s a prolonged period of fasting, and shrinking down the window of time that I am consuming food. But what I have started to do is shrink that window a little bit. So I’m not eating as close to bedtime. The more that your body can focus on healing and restoring the body itself during your sleep, the less energy it’s expending to break down and absorb the food. That’s basic but guess what? Your warrior body is human too.


I’ve switched up my workouts, if you’re doing the same thing day in, day out or every other day, your body is going to get very used to that. I started to incorporate doing a daily yoga practice again, and I’m also doing a little bit longer yoga practice. And I changed up doing different abs and, butt or glute, a little peach booty exercises instead, by using some bands, all things that I don’t need to have equipment for this way, there are no excuses. And I can just do it in my apartment, or I can do it in the room that they have at the gym. But it gives my body a little switch.


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Any tips I missed? Or, follow up questions? Drop ’em in the comments below.

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