3 Tips To Help Your Poor Plane Posture - Sanctifly Partner - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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3 Tips To Help Your Poor Plane Posture – Sanctifly Partner

Nothing kills your posture like an airplane seat.

Here are three tips you can do to help you sit upright, alleviate low back pain, and leave you feeling more energized after a your next flight. Placing at the middle to upper of your back in the airplane seat, use the following three tips and options to create a more ergonomic chair to reduce the effects of poor plane seats and posture:

  • Grab yourself a pair of these Yoga Massage Therapy Balls that come in a handy tote
  • Use a water bottle (suggested to wrap in a blanket or magazine if it’s a hard bottle)
  • Use an airplane magazine to roll up



Use tennis balls to pack in your carry-on, bring a reusable water bottle (fill it up and drink it — hydrate, road warriors!), or use a one of the in-flight magazines to roll up for lumbar support.


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