2016 Year in Review, Featuring the "Best of" Fitness, Wellness and Travel - Sara Quiriconi | Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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2016 Year in Review, Featuring the “Best of” Fitness, Wellness and Travel


Wow, wow, wow, what a year behind us! It’s amazing how much life can change and shift in one year. When we look back, a year can seem so long (365 days, not 7, three HUNDRED and SIXTY FIVE!). But, in reality, it goes so fast. Especially when things are radically changing, moving, creating, shifting, and rising to other levels you never saw coming.

I’m honored, grateful, thankful and blessed to recap some of my favorite moments of 2016 with you here. 

All I can promise is, there is so much I’ve learned, so much I’m humbled by, thankful beyond words for the life and connections I have ont his path, and eagerly awaiting all that is to be created and shared for inspiring you in the new year.

In health, wellness, adventures, and to OUR best year yet ahead,


Straight out of Los Cabos, Mexico and currently at 239 <3’s, the appropriate for this newsletter headline for this post reads: “You can look to the past for knowledge, to the present to connect, and to the future to create.” — Live Free Warrior


Celebrating my 13th year healthy, happy and free from Cancer, thank you to all of you for the support, love and warm wishes. Read the full post here, including my top reasons I was grateful on that day (and EVERY dat): 


It’s a close call, between Better Posture and Low Back Pain! Eeesh, you guys need some more self-care and yoga stretch! Haha, happy to help in the new year. For now, view the clip and straighten that spine!


Not gonna lie, it’s pretty awesome to be featured amongst some of the yogis and leaders you look up to. Thank you to MindBodyGreen for the opportunity to be a part of this feature! I’m grateful each and every day to collaborate with some truly incredible brands and wellness teams.


Here in Miami! Miami steals my heart for sunrises and sunsets. Something about those pink skies and open waters, makes it truly magical to rise and shine. Something particular about this sunrise, it was the first day Javier and I filmed together! In the same place we visit often for midday sun and the occasional sunrise, here on Miami Beach.


The horse back ride sunset tour in our Nicaragua Retreat was something I’ll never forget. The crew in tow, the peaceful horses escorting us, and the sunset leading the way. Check for the clip below to check out the sunset:


Oh, crap! This was the hardest “Best of” to decide on! Wow, have I been blessed to have so many journeys, destinations, passport stamps and American Airline miles from 2016. Well, here we go! Top Travel Moment is, **clicky, clicky!** mainly because it’s all things Sara, including funny where we laughed after for hours, goofy because life is too short to be serious, and traveling in another country, where we act and film our best!

Some other top moments include our retreat adventures in Nicaragua, the time we got lost at sea in Aruba (saved, by Jeff’s daughter’s wristbands!), and the moment you decide to take a trip by your self to Tulum to see something new.

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