10 Practical SELF CARE TIPS FOR WELLBEING During Quarantine with Grin Natural
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10 Practical SELF CARE TIPS FOR WELLBEING During Quarantine with Grin Natural

Self care goes beyond spa days and bubble baths. I’ve partnered with Grin Natural to share with you 10 practical tips you can do at home for better daily self care and well-being.

10 Practical Daily Self Care Tips for Well-being During Quarantine

What comes to mind when you hear the word self care? Does it mean an entire day at the spa or doing absolutely nothing all day? I don’t think so. In this post and video, I’m going to share with you ten tips that you can do on a daily basis to improve yourself care and wellbeing — especially during these times of quarantine. And, they’re practical.


Clean up your living space. I’ve always been a big believer a cluttered space is a cluttered mind. Maybe it’s the OCD part of me, I don’t know. But, when I have a clean organized space, I’m able to organize my thoughts a little bit better to help spur creativity and also productivity.


This kind of goes hand in hand with the first tip: if you have a clean space, you also want it to be filled with things that are meaningful for you.

So, if it’s having photos up on the wall of things that remind you of certain trips that you took, or even if it’s photos of people that inspire you or quotes that are up. Maybe it’s just having clean white walls to see or you have your camera gear out, like I do remembering “it’s time to film?”

Having sources of inspiration around you is going to keep you motivated, inspired, right? I’m always in that state of curiosity and creativity, and that’s a good place to be!


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The early bird catches the worm, we’ve all heard that. There’s truth in it.

When you wake up a little bit earlier than say the rest of the people in your house or even before the sun comes up, you are giving yourself that little bit of head-start in the day to just be with you and I take advantage of the time that’s usually when I’m doing my creative thinking for the day.

I’ll do some writing, meditation and take in the silence and peace. I just give myself that time to think “what is Sara feeling? What does Sara want? What are we going to achieve for the day ahead” — before adding in all of the noise around me into my day.


I’m a big fan that routine and consistency leads to long term health and productivity. Each morning and each night I am brushing and flossing with Grin Natural. I’m using their whitening toothpaste, which has no chemicals no toxins. It has natural ingredients, and yes, natural works for me!

I found a big difference in the taste compared to other natural brands. I have to tell you you think like natural is going to taste nasty. I love the taste of their toothpaste and I’ve been using the charcoal bamboo brush every single morning and night as well along with their biodegradable flossers.

If you think about it, what is in your mouth directly affects everything else within your body. Studies have shown the connection between your oral health and your immune system and your overall health. There is a direct correlation, so what you’re doing in your mouth to your teeth on a daily basis really makes a big difference of your overall health as well.

Plus, you have to floss and brush your teeth anyway, so you might as well make it with great products like with Grin!


It can be really easy to grab for a coffee or other stimulant when you’re starting to feel a little sleepy, especially in the afternoon. I urge you pause, and reflect.

Do you need coffee or do you need water? Or, do you just need a little break in your day?

When you’re hydrated your energy is going to be at its absolute best not to mention your skin is going to be blowing the inside your body, your organs, everything’s going to be functioning at its best. Remember to hydrate throughout the day.


Mind the food you eat and eat intuitively. How many times throughout the day do you think that you are just grabbing for food because it’s there? You might be bored, you might be anxious, you might be tired.

I’m going to encourage you put a pause. And, when you’re eating, give yourself that full attention and presence.

Now I’m guilty of this too. I honestly I eat with distraction. Sometimes I eat my lunch often, and I’m in front of the computer or I’m checking messages. I am guilty of this too. But, I also try and cut out any distractions around me so that I am eating and feeling.

It’s more intuitive. So you stop, you’re more likely to stop before you are over consuming or just eating on autopilot because that’s the opposite of intuition. And opposite of mindful, eating and eating intuitively. So you stop when you fought. You have something else if your body’s craving it, and that’s how you’re going to find a better balance for yourself.


A key to mindful eating for me as well. I go and I brush my teeth right after and then I’m less prone to go and eat something that I wasn’t really hungry for in the first place It was probably just tired this happens a lot after dinner. So a tip brush your teeth after eating and it will help prevent mindless eating.


It can be very easy to lose her cool, especially with all that’s going on and just in everyday life. Things are gonna happen, that’s life. How you deal with it and how you react to it — that you have total control over.

Some of the tools that I find very useful: BREATHE. Nothing new, I know. Breathe, the more you can exhale and get rid of that anger. It’s going to help another one, do some meditations.

Another idea go for a walk outside exercise that can all help to burn off some of the stress you might be feeling and I promise when you come back to whatever that original stress was. You’re going to approach it with a fresher clear mind to actually tackle the problem. find a solution. Instead of reacting to it off of emotion. That’s stress.


I think we can all be guilty of this one here. How many times do we just start scrolling in one social media category or channel or platform and before we know it, 45 minutes has gone by.

We’ve all done it before — it happens. Instead of letting life “scroll you by” I like to set two different blocks of times for social media or email (another black rabbit hole).

So you start to categorize what those black holes of time are for you and then put them into time blocks and timeframes. An hour here for social media, an hour here for responding to emails, and you start to create more of a calendar of how you’re spending your time so you’re more aware of it.

Instead of time just getting away and then saying never got around to doing what I want, you are creating that time for yourself instead.


Creating journal prompts can be a great way to kickstart journal creativity and journal actually do it. I am a big fan of journaling, both I journal on my laptop and I have a running document of things that I just take down during the day.

At nighttime, I keep a journal bed side or by my desk side. I write down things that I’m grateful for. Keeping that journal track helps me to one clear my mind. Further, I get to see and reflect back on the things that have happened during the day. Things that I’m either inspired by, that I’m learning, that I’m working on, something I’ve achieved toward my goals. Or, simply things that I’m just grateful for!

Going to bed with those thoughts and in that mindset that I’ve achieved things is so powerful. I’m learning something and I’m so grateful for all that I have. That’s a key to getting a wonderful night’s sleep. I keep saying this. I’ve said this many times before, but I’ll keep saying it again. It really does help!


When we give, we get back so much more.

This can be sending an e-card to a friend, a nice message just saying “hey, I miss you! I can’t wait to catch up.” Or, you can physically send something to somebody in a thoughtful way.

Doing something for somebody else can be so gratifying. You can cook a meal for somebody who you know has been inside for a long time. These are just a few ideas of things to give.

Give, give and GIVE and I promise you, you’re going to get back in so many more ways than you ever set out for. Even when you feel like you don’t have much continue to give. It doesn’t have to be monetary by any means.

These are all free things that I’m also mentioning to just give. Give your love, give your space, give your presence, give an ear to a friend. It will always come back to you.

These are 10 practical ways to improve your self care and well being a daily basis, especially during these times of quarantine. We all need it. So the more you take care of yourself the more we’re taking care of the world around us as well.

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