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Live Free Office Chair Yoga

We all know wellness extends in to our lifestyle habits, and in this video, I’m sharing a 10-minute Office Yoga Sequence with you to encourage a daily habit of stretching no matter where you are in your day.


More videos

Check out more videos you can watch, play, share, and take with you anywhere you and the internet are. Discover a mix of yoga how-to’s, at home flows, nutritional tips, and travel expert advice.

Live Free Yoga for Swimmers – 20 Min

Strength, Extension and Mobility: This All Levels yoga sequence is designed especially for swimmers, intended to leave you feeling focused, more mobile and with greater extension in your swim workout. Featured on Manduka Yoga

Live Free Foundational Flow Yoga – 25 Min

Great for a morning or midday practice for all levels to enjoy with the intention to feel free while having fun with your practice. Get 2 blocks and 1 strap handy! Featured on Manduka Yoga

Live Free in the Kitchen: Santa Fruit Pops

Ready to let your inner kid out? These Santa Fruit Pops were so fun to make!

Santa Fruit Pops are my new favorite healthy Appetizer and Dessert! Not only are these little marching men adorable, they’re incredibly easy to prep and make. A fun activity for you (the big kid) and for your little kids too.

Live Free Aruba Wellness Retreat Sept 2016

What happens when you put a group of incredible, unique individuals in one fully-equipped house for 6 days sharing a kitchen, common space, energies, and wellness and travel guides?

An amazing adventure and lifetime of memories! Check out our video recap from our September Aruba 2016 Wellness Retreat. A huge thank you to the retreaters for all of their positive energies, open minds, and amazing light.

Live Free in the Kitchen: Gingerbread Healthy Holiday Cookies

Step aside, sugar cookies! Check out this version of a healthy, tasty, and nourishing treat that is easy to make and rewarding to share (just ask some of my yogis from classes this past week). The Gingerbread Holiday Cookie can be prepared as a raw ball, or a baked cookie. I’m sharing with you both options! Further, it’s not created using any processed white flours, sugars, or unnatural additives. Ever more, it’s vegan and dairy free, so no need to worry about any food allergies your guests or holiday eaters may have.

Live Free Yoga for Better Sleep

Set a new bedtime routine, and add this easy to approach yoga practice to offer your self a more blissful night’s sleep. This particular 15-minute flow is created to clear your mind, free tight places within your body, and reverse the blood flow after a long day of being on your feet.

Take this one with you when you’re on the road traveling too. Sleeping in hotel rooms and traveling to different time zones can throw off your natural sleep patterns easily. This yoga sequence will help you stay on track. Sweet dreams!

Live Free Yoga for Upper Body Strength

Whether you’re training for a marathon or just looking for better posture, this upper body strengthening video can help you.

With creative ways to target the shoulders, upper back, chest, and arm muscles, you’ll explore new ways to utilize the yoga practice for training and fitness needs as well. In addition to strengthening, we stretch the muscles we are working the most, leaving you with a strong, toned and balanced body.

In the Kitchen: Zico Coconut Water Chia Pudding

A twist on the traditional chia pudding recipes out there, adding a splash of the tropics using Zico Coconut Water!

The ingredients are really simple, using just chia seeds, coconut water, and the topping of your choice.

Like this video? Check out Zico Coconut Banana Pancakes

Top Travel Snacks

Snack time! I’m sharing three of my favorite healthy travel snack bars and bites that are easy to pack to go anywhere, that are nourishing and fulfilling.

Live Free Yoga Hotel + Travel Flow 2

Jet lag, no more! Here’s a quick yoga sequence you can do on the fly pre- or post-travels to restore your body. For all levels, making yoga accessible for any body, any where—passport free!

Live Free Yoga for Happy Hips

Happy hips in 10 minutes! This flow is designed to awaken your hips, restore you low back, and stretch the lateral side of the body using approachable methods and steps for postures like lunge, pigeon, and reclining stretches for all levels.

Optional props include a block or bolster, and a strap. Mat, strap and bolster shown here by Manduka.

Live Free Yoga Hotel + Travel Flow

This 10-minute flow yoga sequence is all levels, designed any where you travel, but specifically when staying in hotels. You don’t always have a lot of space, so we’ll get creative in our practice to keep you moving, awakening your body, while staying within a small radius.

Live Free Revitalize Yoga Flow

Let’s move and flow! Live Free Revitalize is designed to wake you up after a long flight, hours in the car, full day of work, or after a restful night’s sleep.

Grab a mat, and let’s get down, dog! Natural balance and energy awaits you.

Live Free In the Kitchen: Coconut Banana Pancakes

Here’a a nutritious, easy to make at home banana coconut pancakes, using my favorite coconut water on the market, Zico Water.

Live Free Yoga for Airplanes

Long hours of sitting ahead of you and no space to roll out a yoga mat? This sequence is for you! This short seated yoga sequence is designed to free up your neck, spine and hips, whether you’re flying, driving, or in an office chair. Yes, you really can yoga anywhere!

Live Free Yoga for Better Posture

This all-levels yoga sequence is designed to strengthen your upper back, open your chest and shoulders, while creating core awareness in standing positions.

Live Free Low Back Yoga Flow

This yoga sequence teaches you to restore, strengthen, and heal your low back from daily strain, such as incorrect posture, sitting for too long, and too much time behind an office desk! Incorporating both seated, kneeling and standing postures, this well balanced flow is for all levels.

Live Free Yoga Nicaragua Yoga Retreat

So many beautiful memories from our retreat in Playa Maderas, Nicaragua together! Here’s a video souvenir from our adventures abroad experiencing a week in the jungle, surf, and open air yoga flow. From outdoor yoga classes, zip lining, community meals, lots of laughs, and memories for a life time, this retreat was more than a getaway—it was a life-changing trip that will carry on long past the final om.

Clips and comments from the adventurous and grateful group of yogi retreaters who recently joined Sara on a yoga and wellness adventure retreat in Playa Maderas, Nicaragua.

Nicaragua Sunset Free Flow

“Play, play, play! Inspired by sea, sands, and sunsets, reviewing some raw clips from one of our yoga filming sessions on the gorgeous shores of Playa Maderas. Here’s a snack-sized clip from some upcoming videos you can find hosted on my website for you to view and practice at home.

Side Plank Variations

Three safe variations when working with side plank (vasisthasana), including modifications for sensitivity in the wrists. Bonus tip at the end, for wrist strengthening!

Easy to grab, healthy alternatives to airplane snacks. These top 5 grab-n-go options are easy to pack, healthy and kind on digestion while in flight, and will keep you fuller longer than that bag of pretzels or cookies.

Transitions, transitions, transitions! I love the creativity, focus, and details put in to getting in one pose, and in to another (as those who have experienced my classes before can attest!).

What fun transitions are you working on? Drop me line at and let’s break it down and work on it together!

Good morning, wake up and flow! Set in the beautiful space of South Pointe Park, to flow, breathe, move and explore with the sunrise and peaceful silence that mornings bring.

This can be your private studio as well! Transitions, space, creativity, and ease…how I like to move and flow. Join me? Available for Private Classes and Small Group Events (

A transitional flow, questioning fears, letting go of perfection, moving with ease and grace…and a bit of laughter when we fall. How to be ok in the unknown, creating strength in transitions on and off the mat, and develop our focus to stay true to the course.

Check for an upcoming workshop of The Space in Between: Transitional Live Free Flow, which will focus on our transitions in life and the yoga practice, and how we can move with ease, strength and grace in the in between.

Transcend Miami, Round 2!

We’re beachside for the second installment of Transcend Miami. A community event combining the empowering forces of life coaching and yoga, to create an inspiring and transformational experience.

Sample of Budokon Yoga flow held at Anatomy at 1220 Fitness. Weekly group classes open to the public, check the schedule here.

#TranscendMIA // 9.30.15 Life Coaching meets movement, transcending from possibility tocreate positivity with life coaching from Magda Lopez and yoga from Amy Dannheim, Sara Quiriconi and Amanda Mestre.

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