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“Thank you for being such an INCREDIBLE teacher! I have tried to get into yoga for probably the last 15 years, always stopping after 2 classes. But, you got me hooked!”


— Deborah Robins

Nicaragua Live Free Yoga Retreat

May 2016

“I needed a good drive to set in to a good pace [of yoga] every day, at least once or twice a day, in a setting like this so I can take it home with me.” – Patrick Malley

“I deeply appreciate the manner in which Sara designs my classes. For me each class is a form of Art Yoga where I feel spiritually polished as though I have experienced a deep form of prayer. She draws attention inward, to a pure space from which I can set an intention. Sara is totally on, from making your poses perfect and encourages mindfulness as she slowly awakens the body through the postures. Her classes are both subtle and rigorous.


“I truly trust Sara with working with my mind, body and spirit to come into true alignment. I’m so glad I’m able to practice with her and very satisfied with the experience I have had so far.”


— Beatriz Suarez

“There are no words to describe the experience I have when I attend a class with Sara, likely because she defies an earthly existence. Part of it is her presence, part, her thoughtful approach through movement and alignment and what she is able to bring out in each person in class.


“I always come out of the class feeling so much more opened and renewed and ready to take on the day. Sara’s dedication is clear as day, she walks around and shared the benefits of her practice with everyone. I could not speak more highly of this lovely woman or be more grateful for her presence and constant gift. I will follow her where ever she teaches.”


— Joe Padula

“It feels good to be free.” – Maria Rivero

Relaxing, meditating, healing, yoga. These were all things that I knew I should try if I wanted to gear my health in the right direction.


“After two surgeries in my lower back treating herniated discs I was told by many professionals that yoga would be something I should try to help me both mentally and physically. Even though surgery has taken away a lot of my pain I still have mild symptoms in my legs. I started taking classes at my local health club. I was a little intimidated because it was my first time trying yoga. I tried different classes with various instructors. Sara was the only one that I really felt comfortable with because I needed to get basics down before I went further. I took a few private classes with her. She helped me break down the different movements that made me start enjoying and start benefiting from yoga. Thanks to her, I now can walk in to any class feeling confident and enjoying every class.”

— Kiki Sahinidis

“It was more than six months ago and I still remember clearly my very first yoga class with Sara. With her approachable, engaging personality, she created a safe and relaxed space. It was fun, nurturing and inspiring. After several weeks of practicing with Sara, her careful instruction and kind encouragement got me into my first headstand. Her instructions were clear and the pace and sequencing accommodated the varied level of students in the classes. She lingered after class, greeting students and taking questions. I’m grateful for Sara’s teaching. She deepened my practice. In a particularly sweet moment early one morning, Sara offered to have the class sing Happy Birthday to me. It was like a warm, group embrace at the beginning of my day of celebrations. What a treat it is to take a class with Sara!”


— Jeffrey Thomas

“If you are good at reading people, finding an amazing yoga instructor won’t be easy. After having a rough week, my husband gifted me with a stay at the Standard. I had zero expectations. Just a weekend of relaxation before going back to our routine. I was so wrong.


We both instantly connected with Sara after attending one of her sunrise yoga classes. We became members immediately. I can see through people and she is transparently amazing. From the breathing techniques, to her aura, a class with her will leave you in pure bliss and craving more. I’m hooked.”


— Alex Miranda

“Practicing yoga virtually every day for almost six years, I have taken various types of yoga classes with over hundreds of instructors. Of all those instructors, Sara has the ideal style of yoga teaching. Her classes are challenging, yet extremely mindful, insightful, but not preachy, and best of all, her classes are FUN! I smile and laugh more in Sara’s classes then in any other class. It takes a talented instructor to have you smiling while you are pushing your yogic envelope.


“Much of this results from her genuine and infectious love of yoga and helping others. Sara has helped me overcome many of my fears with certain postures by teaching me to simply practice with joy. She has helped me understand that our practice is a path, where all that matters is your experience—whatever level you are on—rather than worrying about the next level to achieve.


“What I love most about Sara is her huge heart. I have a daughter with learning disabilities, and Sara’s class is the only one she will go to. Why? Because Sara treats her with such compassion that it puts her completely at ease, while keeping her safe with proper alignment.


“I would recommend Sara to any new or experienced yogi who enjoys a challenging, empowering and fun class! You will leave feeling invigorated and centered.”


— Carl Quintal

“I took a corporate class from Sara after having a little bit of yoga experience before, but never on a consistent basis. I was looking for a class that would help lay a basic foundation while also enabling an exploration of a diversity of poses. Sara’s class did just that, she was able to teach basics and point out essential building blocks that we would need to further our practice. A critical aspect of those building blocks and our ability to use them centered on Sara’s ability to explain things simply and clearly. I had never done a headstand before, but she broke the pose down into smaller component pieces (elbows at 90°, stack your vertebrae, hips in line with your shoulders, etc.) which made it an attainable position. She exposed our class to a broad range of poses, while keeping everyone safe and comfortable. Our class offered variations for all levels and fostered a communal environment. Going to yoga was my favorite part of my week and always put a smile on my face. Walking out of class I always had a feeling of refreshment and serenity. Yoga is tiring and sometimes a bit sweaty, but afterwards I was energized and focused. My body and mind felt in top form leaving class and I cherished my time on the mat. Three words that describe Sara are: full of life. She is vibrant, and loves yoga and her students and it shows. Sara is full of empathy and really gets to know and understand all the people she teaches. Her classes are so fun and informative and being taught by her is an absolute joy and something that I miss a lot. Miami yoga students are really lucky to have her!”


— Geoffrey Gardner

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