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Live Free Retreats: 

a yoga, wellness + travel education and experience

Want to change your life? The tools are there for you. Live Free retreats are created to educate you during the journey, planting a seed of inspiration that you can continue to water and grow for a lifetime of memories and transformation.


Being pro-active in your life, taking charge to create change, and make positive steps towards a healthier well-being is the first step, and that’s exactly what you’ll experience on Live Free retreat.

Where are we off to next?

Let’s travel together! Personalize your yoga and wellness experience with the thoughtful wellness guidance and travel expertise of Live Free Warrior.


Offered with private couples, friends, or a small group, you’ll receive the benefits of private yoga instruction in a hand-selected location, with a customized itinerary designed just for YOU.


This unique experience gives you the combined opportunity to have private yoga instruction tailored for your needs, wellness tips and meal suggestions at your discretion, and travel expertise to create the most fulfilling experience to discover a destination of your dreams.


Message with inquiries and for pricing.

Why go on a yoga/wellness retreat?

Support. Adventure. Structure. Community. Education. These are a few of the words that first come to mind when Sara is creating a retreat offering.


A retreat is the perfect opportunity to shake up routine. When we are in routine, we can get stuck, stagnant, and comfortable very easily. A retreat does just the opposite: you are seeing a new location, learning some new healthy lifestyle techniques—including yoga, mediation, nutrition, and life tools—trying new activities, such as surfing or paddle boarding, and are surrounded by selected like-minded individuals with similar intentions as your self, to pursue a lifestyle that is healthier and kinder to your overall well-being.


Want to change your life? The tools are there for you. A week alone won’t do it, but there may be a spark that ignites your inner fire to propels your path. You’ll make life-long friends and connections, and take away tools, memories, and experiences that will travel within your heart for decades.

What makes a Live Free retreat different?

Live Free retreats are created to educate you during the journey, planting a seed of inspiration that you can continue to water and grow for a lifetime of memories and transformation.

Each retreat is uniquely designed to enhance the experience of the location we are in. Whether we are exploring a walking meditation in the desserty lands of Aruba, surfing the waves that San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua is know for, experiencing a yoga flow beach-side in Turks + Caicos, or sampling the local fare while site-seeing the white-crested hills of Santorini, Greece—the retreat is enhanced around the environment, creating a symphony of the senses.


With a structured schedule that encourages you to part-take in all that is offered, there is also no pressure to jump in to every event listing either. Sara offers group and personalized attention to students on yoga technique, flow, life coaching, and nutritional offerings.


Furthermore, it’s affordable. The Live Free Warrior experience is to offer traveling well, while spending less. Travel does not have to be a luxury left for the very rich—it’s an opportunity for us all to experience the world in an educational and eye-opening level.


Most Live Free yoga + wellness retreats are designed around a community vibe, including options for shared rooms, dine-in options with community meal prep, and discounts on elected activities and excursions while abroad. Selecting locations and accommodations that are within a budget-able price range, creating payment plans, and offering tips and tricks to save on airfare, food, and personal expenses, Sara’s goal is to make travel and worldly exploration something we can all experience.

What retreaters are sharing:

“I’m so siked to have been a part of this retreat and meet everyone in the group. I highly recommend going on any of these trips that you can.


Thank you all for the wonderful times and memories!” – Patrick Malley

“I can’t thank you enough. Your courage and energy and you have a beautiful spirit. Please continue your live free warrior spirit. It is making a difference.


The trip was described as being life changing. While my life is in transition, the trip provided empowerment and purpose for change.” – Rick Costa

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