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Top Miami Fitness Trainers to Follow on Instagram

June 13, 2016

“The…yogi, life coach, and Manduka ambassador’s daily quotes speak to her carpe diem life philosophy, which is what her classes and thought-provoking posts will make you want to go out and do.”

Here’s Where Miami’s Hottest Trainers are Fueling Right Now

April 2016, Observer Magazine, Style + Design

8 Miami Yogis Show Us Their Favorite Poses (and Explain Their Benefits)

March 1, 2017, Ocean Drive Magazine, People

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Contributor Articles


How Much Yoga is Too Much Yoga? by Leigh Weingus, contributing content by Sara Quiriconi
Best Tips for Healthy Airport Travel
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4 Yoga Poses That Come With Some Serious Health Benefits
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The Simple Shift Taking Your Yoga Practice To The Next Level
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What Does “Namaste” Actually Mean?
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6 Insider Travel Tips To Make Your Dream Vacation Totally Affordable
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How These 8 Yogis Exercise When They’re Not Doing Yoga, contributing author, Sara Quiriconi, written by Leigh Weingus for MindBodyGreen
How to Modify Your Yoga Routine to Cope With the Winter Blues
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Beauty Starts on the Inside. Here’s How to Be a More Confident
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5 Heart-Opening Yoga Poses to Help You Start Your New Year Strong,
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The Mantras These 11 Yogis Use When Their World Feels Upside Down,
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How These 9 Yogis Detox After Serious Holiday Indulgence
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Boost Your Immunity with this Vitamin C Packed Smoothie (MindBodyGreen)


Hit The Mat At New Airport Yoga Zones, by Sara Quiriconi for the Observer


Affiliate Companies

The strongest of relationships are built on trust. For that reason, Sara hand selects the companies she chooses to collaborate with and represent as an affiliate and ambassador. From notable apparel created with yogis in mind, to eco-friendly offices, pure beverages, nutritious bars made from whole ingredients, and lots of passion and love behind their product—you can guarantee any brand Sara is connected with, she is proudly using.

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