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The Making of A Love Story {MindBodyGreen Shares}

The Making of A Love Story {MindBodyGreen Shares}

Many don’t know the story and history behind my most recent marriage to Javier Olmedo, the man behind the camera more often than not, and the creator behind the transformational program to elevate your life and living, Renecer en 90 Días.

So, when MindBodyGreen asked me a few questions about my love life, here’s what I had to share:

When did you first know you’d marry your partner?

“I knew I would be marrying my now-husband when we traveled to a beautiful town just south of Mexico City called Tepoztlán. It was to celebrate his birthday, and we had the entire spa and hotel to ourselves! The morning of his birthday, we watched one of the most beautiful sunrises over breakfast and deep conversation. It was then that I knew, after only two months of dating, that I would be marrying this man. Some believe in soul mates, some maybe not. My husband and I? We live it.” —Sara, 33

What was your most awkward first date? {The Make-out Gone Wrong}

“I was over at my now-husband’s house for the first time. After our lunch date, we were cuddling and talking on the couch and started kissing. Perfect timing because in walks his daughter right in the middle of our make-out session! We felt like two teenage kids getting caught in the action. We were pretty embarrassed and on the verge of bursting out into laughter, and his daughter was scurrying to get the dog and run out of the apartment—something we all look back on and laugh about on many occasions.” —Sara Quiriconi, yogi and founder of Live Free Warrior

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