{VIDEO} Live Free Yoga Hotel + Travel Flow - Live Free Warrior | #livefree
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{VIDEO} Live Free Yoga Hotel + Travel Flow

{VIDEO} Live Free Yoga Hotel + Travel Flow

This 10-minute flow yoga sequence is all levels, designed any where you travel, but specifically when staying in hotels. You don’t always have a lot of space, so we’ll get creative in our practice to keep you moving, awakening your body, while staying within a small radius.

NOTE: No hotel TV’s, lamps, or mini bars were injured in this yoga filming practice/process (haha)

Proof you really can do yoga anywhere you travel!

Liked this video? For my road warriors, check out Yoga for Airplanes for in-flight postures to move and free your body.

Location: Grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen
Mat: Manduka
Pants: Seva Crops by KiraGrace
Bra: Yogiiza

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