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Coping with Unfortunate News {Personal Share}

Coping with Unfortunate News {Personal Share}

My grandfather said it best: “Well. Whatcha gonna do.” And shrug his shoulders and keep on, keeping on.

(Original post from @instagram):

The news I found out today brought on a mix of emotions. My car, nicknamed “Picante” for his vibrant speed, pep, and bright color red, was deemed totaled by the insurance company. After three weeks of trying new engines to replace the one that was damaged in the recent flooding here in Miami Beach, none would fit, and they couldn’t find another like it in the entire United States of America to replace it.

The way it works in the insurance world (if you don’t already know), is if the cost to replace your vehicle is more than the cost of the determined value, it’s considered a “total loss.”

The mix of emotions comes to me because, in truth, I loved that car! I may practice yoga, act like a free spirit, and am definitely a woman, but I have a deep value and appreciation for cars, and especially ones that mean something to me.

When I was going through cancer, I had a very similar VW Tornado Red GTI (Picante ran just like the GTI, turbo engine, manual, dropped springs). It was my saving light when I was going through a really tough time in my life. Same, Picante came in to my life right when I was going through my divorce, and even though it was a chosen decision, separation and loss is always tough for anyone.

Today’s new, while hitting heavy in my heart, I’m also choosing to see the light. Perhaps it’s the universe’s calling that it’s time to fly again. To be more mobile, light, and “free.” Perhaps it’s a guidance in direction as to where we’ll move to next in our future home. And, maybe it’s a hint that some of the projects and pitches we’ve been working so hard on are ready to be confirmed, signed, and get us moving and traveling outside of Miami more often.

The truth? Who knows. But, I can choose to see the light, or the dark. The light isn’t easy to find in darker days, but I’m sharing this because I know I’ll have moments where I’ll be screaming “Damnit! If only I had my car right now, it’d be so much easier!” and you can hold me accountable and correct me that there is a light.

We help each other. There is light. Choose to see it. And, in the worlds of my Grandfather: “Whatcha gonna do.” Onward.

PS If you aren’t recycling already, f*king recycle. Global warming is real, if you haven’t noticed the rising tides and recent flooding. Ask Picante πŸ˜‰

Photo credits @matt_roy for @puma thank you for your talented work!

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