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Hi! I’m Sara, a Miami-based fitness, health and travel expert with a passion for creating compelling content to inspire others to healthy, fun ways of living. I seek out those moments of feeling alive, moving from feeling stuck to discovering freedom, and, most importantly, sharing these experiences with you!


Pablo Picasso once said, “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” I’m a big believer in Picasso’s words, that rules create good foundations for learning; but after that, it’s time to create our own rules and learn to fly!


Not your typical yogi or health coach, I hold a passport full of stamps and a professional degree in design that has me creating videos, blog posts, eye-catching photography and TV content traveling with my partner for production jobs. Passionate for inspiring and connecting with others, the creativity stems everywhere, especially to my yoga teaching, retreat planning, travel adventures, and my underlying messaging of living free—the life YOU choose to create!

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